• The Company which was incorporated as a private limited went public in April 1986 and was listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange in January 1987. The issue was very well received by public and was over-subscribed by 200 times, a record response by public. Since then, the share of the Company has a very strong demand which is well supported by the fact that its 10 rupees shares has touched a 450 rupees price and is being quoted at rupees 46.12 at present.

    At the same time, a plan for diversification in financial and economic activities is also underway, and as a result thereof, the Company co-sponsored a leasing company named GRAYS LEASING LIMITED, listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange with an equity capital of 100 million Rupees which was also over subscribed even under the prevailing crunch in the investment market.

    The financial performance of the Company is also revealed by a simple statistic that the shareholders' equity was 225 thousand rupees in 1965 and 585 million rupees in 2023.

  • YEAR


  • Cash Dividend

    20.00 Percent
    21.00 Percent
    6.50 Percent
    10.00 Percent
    20.00 Percent
    10.00 Percent
    10.00 Percent
    25.00 Percent

  • The Company has been declared as one of the Top 25 Companies by the Pakistan Stock Exchange for eight consecutive years from 1989 to 1996. For the years 1997 and 1998, company was not ranked among Top 25 Companies just for lack of some membership criteria. For 1999 to 2002 it has again been ranked among the Top 25 Companies.

    GOC under the Chairmanship of Mr. Khurram Anwar Khawaja and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Khawar Anwar Khawaja, has pledged itself to very strong commitment to realism and honesty with its principals which legislates for the benefits of the public and not least of the sports and sportsmen.