Company History

GOC PAK is manufacturing world’s top quality cricket balls since 1964.It was established by Mr. Anwar Khawaja (Late). GOC is a retail brand as well as OEM company who is supplying balls to more than 40 bigger brands including of the cricket world.


GOC manufactures cricket balls with premium quality imported and local materials. English Alum Tan, Pakistan solid hide, Imported Portuguese Cork, and high strength thread is one of them. Each material is closely examined and ball is manufactured in stream line mechanical and manual process. Each category is manufactured with different processes and possess different physical properties. At GOC we manufacture world’s top-quality cricket balls.

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Making cricket ball involves craftsmanship and particular manufacturing environment. There are many kinds and types of balls made in GOC which are famous for their exclusivity and durability. We craft hand stitched, machine stitched with two piece and four piece structures.

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quality control

All balls are quality checked from raw material to dispatch. Each ball is monitored during its manufacturing so that you get 100 percent response in your bowling. GOC balls are equally good for spin and swing. Its engineered to give longer innings with minimum damage. All balls are molded within the given/ standard size charts. This is the reason we seldom get any complaint.

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manufacturing Top Quality Balls since 1940

We proudly announce to be the manufacturing force behind many brands. We are providing OEM services since 1964.

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